I track some of my older open source contributions on openhub and a few projects in my github profile.

I’ve been toying around with a small script to track my recent work, so here are some recent changes:


Fix gn check issues on //remoting/signaling:*

Fix ‘gn check’ issues on //extensions/browser/api/audio:*

Fix gn check on //c/b/r/chromeos/zip_archive/cpp:*

Add support for standard primary selection protocol extension


Listen to libhomescreen events and handle activation

Add agl-shell-desktop protocol and binding code

Fix pak search paths when using USE_CBE

Fix build with is_chrome_cbe flag

Change browser output directory

Fix CreateFileURLLoaderFactory signature

Remove entries for OWNER files that doesn’t exist

Remove missing foobar.mojom reference

Remove exe_and_shlib_deps reference

fixup! ozone/wayland: Do not allow to attach buffers until surface’s configured

[agl][build] Fix zlib build on arm

[agl][build] Fix incopatible ints build issue for arm

fixup! app_runtime: Allow to set the pending flags for the window

[agl][build] define screen constants if Q_WEBOS isn’t defined

[alg][build] Fix CreateSystemServiceBridgeDelegate signature


Change agl_shell_surface_type to match ivi surface types

chromium84: Create empty stub for setSupportDolbyHDRContents

automotive grade linux

Remove browser from blocked apps list

Update run scripts for chromium84

Restore chromium target and browser service

web-runtime: Fix chromium do_install on yp 3.1.6

web-runtime: Update from chromium79 to chromium84